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A  L  L    H  A  I  L    T  H  E    C  Y  B  E  R  F  I  S  H  

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The cyber struggle is three real. Ugh. Where is David Sarif when you need him? (Included pic is cosplay idea)
tokyothree dream with me.


telescopic contact lenses


Cybernetic Arm by Ragaru

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"Sandia’s Materials, Devices and Energy Technologies Group developed micro-scale solar photovoltaic cells about the width of a human hair. The cells, which can be mass manufactured with standard semiconductor micro-scale tools, reduce costs, improve efficiency and can be used in new applications, such as embedded in clothing or in the shells of smartphones."





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Here’s the…


Bluetooth Speaker Is A Levitating Death Star Of Sound

The Om One is a Bluetooth speaker with an anti-gravitational twist. It hovers and spins in mid-air, spitting out tunes like some sleek Death Star of sound.

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sput-nic says: Squish - You seem like you really have your shit together, which I think is a great vibe to give off, regardless of it's true :] Like for r1 when you seemed worried about having to hand in less than you planned - and then handed in a really interesting, finished-looking piece! Also, I want your anatomy skills.

Sobs a lot, this means a lot to me you don’t even know. Sadly i dont think Ill be making this round, lifes gotten insane, but ill still see what I can do by the deadlines cuz that would be
to finish

hhhHH anatomy, friend, its evil. 

cosmic-casanova says: <3

Aw hell where do I start-

Your characters are so fun it’s insane! Adamas will always have a special place in my heart, though.

I love your style, it’s not hard to pick yours out from a crowd it jsut stands out so nicely and really holds up and just hhhhh i love the energy in it.

Round 2 man oh man that was a good one poor bab needs a hug and  nap that’s what he needs.

And of course everything to be okay BUT YOU CAN’T HAVE EVERYTHIN I SPOSE.